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EKOflex laminated thermoinsulating tubes coated with protective PE fibre

foto   Laminated thermoinsulating tubes coated with protective PE fibre (red, blue):

  • cold and hot water pipeline insulation

  • heating system pipeline insulation

  • thermoacoustic insulation of sanitary appliance

  • tube lenght 1 m
Characteristics: : laminated thermoinsulating foam polyethylene tubes coated with protective PE fibre
Properties: EKOflex is non-crosslinked closed cell foam polyethylene, fully recyclable, without environmental impacts and hygienic. Suitable for standard-applications such as building industry, plumbing, refrigeration and packing.

  • outstanding thermal insulating performance

  • minimum absorbability

  • high water-vapour diffusion resistance

  • chemical resistance

  • lightweight, elasticity and pliability

  • sound deadening ability

  • ease of knife-cutting or shearing
  • cold water pipeline insulation (thickness 6 mm)

  • hot water pipeline insulation (thickness 10 mm)

  • hot water and heating system pipeline insulation (thickness 10 mm)

  • heating system pipeline insulation (thickness 20 mm)

  • thermoacoustic insulation of sanitary appliance
Storage: in dry and indoor spaces
Property Unit Guaranteed value
Volume weight kg / m3 25 - 32
Dimensional stability % max. 2,0
Absorbing capacity % max. 2,0
Pressing resistance KPa min. 490
Heat conductivity (10°C) W / mK max. 0,04
Flammability C3
Flame propagation index mm / min. 0 mat. + ALZ
Water-vapour diffusion resistance factor   min. 3 500 (standard design)
min. 200 000 (sheet + ALZ)
Hygienic   yes
Temperature range °C -40 - +90
All materials have been certified in the Czech Republic
and they are provided with the technical certificate for building industry.
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